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5 things to look forward to in 2012

Blue Aura Shrimp

A stable blue coloured shrimp, that actually breeds true is something that has been desired for some time in the hobby, Fu Shrimp Farm have managed this. With the popularity of the Blue Aura shrimp growing in the far east, it will not take long before we start seeing larger numbers of them available in Europe.

Pure Red Line 

 Although still a hotly debated topic, pure red line shrimp have finally made an appearance in Europe. With Benibachi shrimp now widely available, it will not be long before other far east breeders start allowing their prized shrimp to be exported into Europe.

Mosura Red Soil

Often spoke about, Mosura red soil is finally available in Asia. At first glance it could be mistaken for Akadama due to its yellow colouring, but unlike Akadama it should not break down into a slimy mud like clay in your aquarium. Available in 2 sizes, 1-2mm and 3-4mm you can expect to see this hitting European shelves towards the end of the summer 2012.

Sulawesi Plants

Sulawesi shrimp have fast become a common sight in most shrimp collections. New specialist products such as Salty Shrimp have made them a much easier species to keep and therefore a wider variety of Sulawesi shrimp are being kept. Keepers wanting to create a Sulawesi biotope for the shrimp will be drooling at the thought of Sulawesi plants being widely available, 2012 promises to be that year.

Unzan Stone

For some, shrimp keeping and aquascaping goes hand in hand. Unzan stone has been highly sought after since the ADA scapes they appeared in during 2011. News last month was Unzan stone would be available for public sale. With the German ADA distributor no longer trading, hope lies with Green Machine in the UK to bring Unzan stone to us in 2012.


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