Shrimp & Such

Aquatic Moss

What is bread without butter? Tea without milk? or a car without fuel? more importantly, what is a shrimp tank without moss!?

With the choice in aquatic mosses growing, we take a look at some of the more eye-catching choices.

Coral Moss

Although one of the slower growing mosses, coral moss is becoming ever more present in shrimp tanks. Growing in a compact fashion, this moss is ideal for the foreground or for creating a lush green carpet.

Flame Moss

Ever growing in popularity, flame moss must be considered one of the all time greats. With its unusual upward growing shoots, it can be used to great effect as a feature on any driftwood.

Willow Moss

Truly underrated, Willow Moss makes an exceptional background plant. With its long, luscious green shoots, it’s something different from the more common mosses such as Java and Taiwan.

Phoenix Moss

A personal favourite, this slow growing moss looks incredible when grown in large patches. This moss can be used in any location of the aquarium, with a little creativity this moss can be the focal point of any aquascape.

Anchor Moss

Another compact growing moss, Anchor Moss is appearing in a growing number of aquariums. Although Xmas moss is a more popular choice for creating a ‘tree’, anchor moss provides a much more realistic look with its compact growth.

Pearl Moss

Usually needing a higher level of light, Pearl Moss stands out due to its remarkable light green colour. Can be used in any location of the aquarium, but prefers a high flow of water.

More and more aquatic specialists are stocking a wider range of moss, none more so than Aquamoss in Germany. We have searched the web high and low for a retailer with a wider range but there is not one, not only does Aquamoos stock the largest variety, the moss they sell is of the highest quality with extremely generous portions.

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