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Top 5 Shrimp Products

Every shrimp keeper usually has a complete arsenal of different products and water conditioners to throw at their aquariums. Due to the challenging nature of the hobby, we seem to have a different product for every scenario and event. Here we look at the 5 most popular and effective products:

Benibachi Black Control

Black Control has got to be one of the most well used shrimp products available. With its concentrated mix of tannins, humic acid, mineral and vitamins, it’s worked its way into every shrimp keepers arsenal of products, and rightly so.

Mosura Tonic Pro

The improved formula with added beta glucan has made this a must have product. With its ability to improve the immune system of shrimp and increase their defensive capabilities against viruses and bacterial infections, it’s another product every shrimp keeper should keep in their arsenal.

Benibachi Active Water

An extremely high, concentrated bacterial product, that keeps all shrimp tanks balanced and environmentally sound. Active Water helps to dissolve oxygen, break down organic matter, and helps decompose ammonia and nitrite in the water. A high content of beneficial bacteria makes this an essential product for weekly water changes

Borneowild Shield

Similar to the Tonic Pro and Active Water, Borneowild Sheild helps in the defense against bacterial infections and helps to improve the immune system of shrimp. Sheilds ability to absorb nitrate and organic waste make it another extremely effective and must have product.

Mosura Mineral Plus

A product that goes hand in hand with water changes. A high mineral content helps buffer the GH to allow for successful molting and growth. With most shrimp keepers using RO water for water changes, Mineral Plus should be considered essential in helping to boost the GH and improve the mineral content of the water.

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