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In the shrimp keeping hobby we seem to go through trends, new shrimp or colour variants often causing a stampede of shrimp keepers trying to get their hands on the new novelty. Forums start filling up with new threads from keepers trying to show off their new school of shrimp, trying to obtain bragging rights by being the first, or one of, to keep the new variant. The new craze of shrimp often enter the hobby with inflated prices, importers and breeders often trying to make some quick cash before the trends change and move on to the next furor.

One of the major downsides to this is that true beauty is sometimes overlooked. If a certain colour variant in not desired by the masses it is rarely given the time in aquariums to progress and show its beauty and potential. The Princess Bee was all the rage in Germany a few years back, much hype and talk brought these shrimp into the mainstream breeders stock tanks. After the Princess Bee came the Super Princess Bee, so desired that the Vietnamese have completely wiped out the wild stock. The only Super Princess Bee remaining are bred in aquariums, considering the numbers caught and exported, the rarity of this variant remains puzzling.

By far the most puzzling is the missed trend of the Red Ruby. The Taiwan Bee craze has been and is now veering off, prices dropping from near 80 euro to a now more realistic 30-40 euro, some even cheaper still. The big obsession was the King Kong, moving on to the blue bolt and other irregular mutations . There were sporadic mentions of Wine Red and Red Ruby but nothing in the numbers compared to King Kong and Blue Bolt. Why was the Red Ruby not obsessed over? Why was its stunning beauty overlooked? Although the Red Ruby is still fairly easy to come by, it is not kept, or bred, in the same numbers as KK. It is becoming harder to find it is much more illusive.

Personally, I think every shrimp rack or room should have a tank dedicated to Red Ruby, its vibrant red colours and inquisitive nature make it a fascinating shrimp to watch. Just because the current trend says different, it does not make the Red Ruby an inferior shrimp to keep. If you don’t have room for RR, make room! Speak to your breeder and see if he has any available, ask on forums and social media sites., track down the RR and make it a focal point of your collection.

Image courtesy of TaiwanBee Blog

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