Shrimp & Such

The Feast of Spring

With spring comes an abundance of fresh plants, leaves and life. We can all take advantage of spring and provide our shrimp with a wide variety of fresh nutritious food, better still, its free!

It is often written that fresh leaves encourage shrimp to breed, people often finding more shrimp carrying eggs a few days after adding fresh leaves to the aquarium. Although this can not be ruled out, the most likely reason is the shrimp breeding season coincides with spring and fresh foliage.

Although most shrimp tanks contain cattapa leaves, there is a wide variety of readily available alternatives. Spinach and stinging nettles both containing high iron content, Mulberry leaves and their high vitamin capacity, along with the Oak leaves and their high levels of tannin all make fantastic alternatives.

Get out and about this spring and see if you can find any of these treats for your shrimp.


Stinging Nettle








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