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Beauty and the Beast

Without question, Japan was and still is regarded as being the country with the most awe-inspiring shrimp. There is no doubt that breeders in Japan such as Crimson, Hakata, Ebi Ten and Nishiki produce possibly the best shrimp any European is ever likely to see. With thick, bright white colouring and a deep blood-red, the shrimp are incomparable to European standards. Or are they?

Although the Japanese strive for the ultimate white colouring or the deepest shades of red, they pay little, if any attention, to the overall shape and standard of shrimp. The Japanese seem to have little care for body form, a flat carapace or a hunched back are not even considered a fault. The deformed shrimp are judged on colour alone and are totally overlooked as being too disfigured to breed from. One extremely famous Japanese breeder is currently selectively breeding for a shorter body, if this carries on the shrimp will soon appear back to front, with a short flat head, stumpy body and a hunchback for a head. There is no doubting the Japanese can create the most perfect colours, but surely its about time that some sort of governing body was introduced to set standards?


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